Photos taken in Iceland, in 2018. Stunning landscapes. I had the same feeling as when I was in Alaska, in 2017. Our grandchildren may not see much of these beauties. What can we do to help Mother Nature?


This black sand beach in Iceland is known as Diamond Beach which is totally understandable. It is breathtaking! One of the most amazing beauties I've ever seen.

What appears to be a series of black and white images are not. It’s magical.

On this day the sky was totally gray, and the black sand gives this incredible contrast to the icebergs.


Cruise Ship trip to Alaska, in 2017.  Exuberant and a different type of beauty.

It has come to my attention that many of these beauties will disappear because of global warming. We as humans are responsible to take action to protect and improve our world for generations to come.

Valley Forge, PA